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Click to see a closeup of the nestOur balcony is once again home to birds "in the family way". This time, a plump rock pigeon couple is looking after their two fluffy babies.

Day 00 - In search of a nesting place.
Day 01 - A spot is found, a nest is made and eggs are laid - no messing about.
Day 02 - Mom & Dad take turns keeping the eggs warm.
Day 10 - The first chick is born.
Day 12 - The second chick is born.
Day 14 - Mother feeds the babies from her crop of pre-chewed food.
Day 15 - (5 days old) Babies open their eyes for the first time.
Day 16 - At only 6 days old feather shafts are clearly visible.
Day 17 - The brown iris of their eyes is defined and their eyesight is good.

Day 0 It all started when we were surprised to find a rock pigeon in our bathroom flower pot.

It felt lousy shutting out a pregnant lady, but she'd surely find another place.

Another place indeed! Nesting in my avocado tree pots would mean no watering for a few weeks.

The few twigs I moved to an empty window box soon grew into a full nest.

Day 2 Dad arrives to relieve the mother who's been sitting for a few hours.

Mommy plans her flight path and we see the eggs for the first time.

She chooses the only dark roof tiles. Inset shot through half a binocular.

Eggs appropriately watched over by a Bird's Eye chilli tree.

Day 10 A fluffy yellow head pops out, wobbles around and retracts under mother's warm wing like a shy tortoise

Day 12 - Mother flew off for a few minutes, allowing our first look at the babies - the second one fresh out its shell

Day 14 Don't they look cosy together?

Mommy returns with a crop full of food

They seem to both have their beaks down her throat at the same time

Day 15 Again mommy flew off, for longer this time, and we see eyes open for the first time

Daddy was just getting comfy when Mommy returned to boot him out - Alright alright, I'm going!

Dad looks quite disgruntled at having to end his quality time with the kids

Day 16 Already feather shafts are clearly visible

Two handsom fellows pose for their closeup

Day 17 The children scramble to get food out of Dad's mouth

The brown iris of their eyes is quite defined and they are aware of every movement

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