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At 20:00 tonight (Saturday, 2000/06/10) our Internet browsing was disturbed by a very loud bang, too loud to be thunder in the Winter drizzle and followed only by silence. Helen & I exchanged our fluffy slippers for takkies and scrambled down to the car, video camera in hand.

A bomb in a red Toyota parked outside New York Bagel, just one block from our flat, had exploded. Although we don't frequent this particular restaurant, Caturra coffee shop across the road serves our favorite walnut cheese cake and the Seven Eleven illuminating most of these pictures is a regular supplier of late night munchies.

Although there was no obvious sign of injury, this anti-social behavior is too close to home and something must be done urgently.

One door holds on while the others are strewn about the street along with all of the glass.

The only apparent damage to the popular restaurant was a badly cracked window.

Caturra coffee shop guests across the road were too close for comfort.

7-11, depicted by the faint green glow on the extreme left, got a good view of the action.

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