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Cockatiel Babies Gallery

Click to see the size of a cockatiel eggMerlin & Marion had a baby girl*, Maria (named after a beautiful artist friend who's birthday is also on the 11th of February), and a boy, Mordred**, on 13 February 2007.

Marion, who is only ONE herself, and Merlin at a cantankerous 14, are exhibiting awesome parenting skills. They take turns to feed a buffet of rice, mashed potato, garden peas, apple, spinach and Corn Flakes to the little ones. Merlin protects the babies during the day, while Marion keeps them warm at night.

We keep an eye on them with our WebCam. More pictures will follow soon.

* Ok, so you can't really tell their sex at this early stage, but it's fun to continue their Old English lineage, since they're all successors of Arthur - he who lays eggs.

** Sadly, Mordred only lived two days.

Marion perplexed. 2 balls are now one-and-a-half, and WHAT'S THAT WRIGGLY PINK THING?!

Still unfolding. The second egg already shows a crack.
(Day 1)

A few hours later, those stringy feathers had turned into a fluffy negligee.
(Day 2)

A friend, at last!
(Day 3)

Oops, not very stable yet.

But, I DIDN'T push you.

There, there - have a hug.

Oof, I can't even sit up, my crop's so full! (Day 4)

Mommy standing guard. That's the minature wireless Webcam hanging under the trays.

Changing of the guard. The baby gets quite trampled...

...but mommy's there to help her up again. (Day 5)

Outside the window, someone else is demanding attention too.

I'm gonna lift this crop if it's the last thing I do!

There! I did it, and you can see what I had for breakfast. (Day 6)

Feather follicles are already work on those little wings. (Day 7)

Feed me! That crop empties fast. (Day 8)

Wings out with excitement as a millet seed slides down.

Proud Mommy protecting the nest. (Day 9)

That's a fierce hiss for a little creature!

First contact. (Day 10)

Comfortable in my hand.

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