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Package deals, widely advertised by department stores, often include a bundle of so-called "free" extras for which the purchaser has very little use. These stock items must move fast and buyers are often convinced to accept almost obsolete hardware, lured by suspiciously low prices.

If the deal looks too good to be true - it probably is.

Watch out for systems based on architecture which the large manufacturers like Intel have discontinued. You could be dissapointed in a few months time when you can't upgrade your CPU without a new motherboard and your old memory just won't work on the new one... These dinosaurs are often hidden behind offers of free software like old games, light-duty domestic printers and limited periods of free Internet access.

Allow Protech Systems to consult on your computing needs and propose a system custom built to suit your requirements. This is not an expensive process and often costs the buyer less than if they'd resorted to a pre-assembled brand.

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Treat yourself to a 17" monitor.

Now from only R960.00
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As the primary interface between computer and user, your monitor should be the highest priority in your system.

Staring at a small, fuzzy monitor with a low refresh rate can damage your eyes while limiting your computing enjoyment.

Increased productivity and thrilling realism make a 17" monitor the perfect choice for both business and home.


As registered Microsoft OEM System Builder Partners, we have the resources to advise you on the correct software product for your needs. We also assist with software installation and training as well as the preparation of document templates.

Contact us for other software prices and assistance with the efficient installation of all packages.

Some useful shareware can be found on our download page

Read all about Hyperhealth

Protech Systems is the sole distributor of Hyperhealth in Africa and Europe. Go to the Hyperhealth page to read more about the world's first encyclopedia of natural health on CD-ROM.

As you're currently connected to the world's largest network and fastest medium for the spread of dangerous viruses (virii?), you need McAfee Anti-Virus. Version 7 is now available with a full year of free updates for around R550.00, installed at your site

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It pays to

If you have two or more computers - network them. Sharing printers, modems, hard disk resources and even scanners saves you money which can be better spent on other areas of your system.

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Let us explain the benefits of ISDN and Internet Connection Sharing

We also install Internet connections, modems & browser software and create Web sites.

Contact us for an estimate to see how you can enjoy more productivity from your existing resources and even share one phone line and Internet connection between all users in your office.

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